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Women Talking About Money is a support group for women looking to improve their financial future, personal relationships, and self-esteem.


You are not alone if you:


-Feel overwhelmed, uneducated, or uncertain when it comes to managing your money


-Are curious about how money affects your relationships


-Ever wonder why you just can't seem to make a plan and stick with it


-Are not sure how to fit financial planning into your already busy life


Women talking about money focuses on:


-Understanding attitudes and feelings about money


-How and why we spend and save the way we do (or don't)


-Building a better financial future


-How to become financially savvy


-Spending, saving and investing, curbing debt, getting your house in order


-Finding and learning to trust your own voice


This unique and integrative program combines support and self-discovery with effective techniques helpful for making positive steps toward change. Join us as we motivate, educate, and validate women's efforts at financial organization and success.

Women Talking About Money

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