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Kids and Families

Is your good kid having a bad time?  (are you frustrated, skeptical and worried?)


I work with kids to help them succeed in school, get along well with others (especially parents and siblings!) feel good about themselves, and relieve fears, anxiety and poor decision making.


Parents often suffer from self doubt about their parenting, along with frustration and fear.


I work with parents to help them go easier on themselves while exploring new and useful parenting ideas that address the unique needs of their child.  We look at what works, what doesn't, what influences parenting styles and what to do next.  


In a relaxed, caring environment, my work with kids may include talk , play, and art therapy, often offering new ideas, tools, and resources to foster connection, wellness and better feelings all around.


I also help parents to get on the same page, refresh their relationship with each other and have an even better family life.

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