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For Singles

Are you looking for a new relationship or for more contentment without a relationship?


Ever wonder why it seems so difficult to meet someone who you really like and could build a life with?


Have you tried or thought about trying online dating services, meet-ups, networking, speed dating, personal ads, even the bar scene...but are not convinced they are the way to go...


Do you crave emotional or physical intimacy, but wonder how to open up to it or find it?

Are you ambivalent about whether to try to find love, let it find you, or focus on your enhancing your life as it is?


I work with single, divorced, widowed men and women to help discover the best ways to find and build a new loving relationship or focus on expanding their own sense of self and satisfaction - or both.


Singles come in to talk about anything and everything that has to do with finding and keeping new love and finding more satisfaction in other areas of self and life.


We look at what works,  what doesn't, and what's in the way of feeling and having better.


We talk about everything from loneliness and frustration and self doubt, to resiliency, good self promotion and self development as well as where to best put your energy and effort.


I welcome you to call and discuss what's on your mind.

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