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Many couples choose to come in together.

If your spouse does not want to come,

I welcome you to come in...I have found that many       

relationships benefit even if only one partner comes in.




I specialize in helping couples:


      -create and deepen true emotional connection

      -resolve sexual and emotional frustration

      -resolve intimacy and sexual difficulties

      -recover from an affair

      -make good decisions about the future

      -resolve trust issues         

      -get relief from frustration, fear, anger and doubt



Couples who make a conscious commitment to invest in their marriage/partnership are more likely to:


     -Experience greater pleasure in the relationship

     -Resolve conflicts successfully

     -Restore, revive and revitalize their sex life

     -Feel understood, supported, loved and valued by their partner


I also help couples: 


      -Hear and understand each other deeply and effectively

      -Put new life into the relationship

      -Heal long standing angers, resentments, doubts and wounds

      -Deepen Intimacy

      -Move out of crisis and into clarity


The willingness to try is the first step.  I find that most couples will know if couseling is helpful within 6 to 8 sessions.  Couples usually attend couseling from six months to a year.  Some couples come weekly, others come twice a month.


Whether your marriage is in crisis, or you are looking to improve communication, understand each other better and take the relationship to another level, couples counseling can help.

Marital Therapy

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