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Individual Therapy

Frustrated? Angry?  Hurt?  Anxious? Discontent?


Every problem can be talked about here.  


I can help you:     


  • Get relief

  • Feel Better and feel better about yourself, life and others

  • Gain insight and understand what has shaped you, protected you and may or may not serve you well now

  • Discover new ideas

  • Figure out what you want and how to get it 

  • Have better sex

  • Enhance your emotional connections

  • Create with me a space to just be, to learn more about yourself, what has shaped you and where you'd like to go from here


I am good ears in difficult, disappointing or confusing times, offering you a comfortable, private place to talk openly about every feeling and anything and everything.  Whether you prefer goal oriented theraputic work, or a theraputic place to talk and grow, I can help. 


I am trained in and use several different theraputic methods including CBT, modern psychoanalysis, but am firmly rooted in the belief that being understood and talking freely brings lasting relief and progress, and helps you work with your mind and heart in new, progressive and relieving ways.


In an atmosphere of respect and interest, your experience in individual therapy can help you understand and forgive old patterns and responses and move forward.


You can use therapy to receive support, release anxiety and center yourself. 

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