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I provide evaluation, consultation and treatment for


Food Addiction, Binge Eating, Compulsive Eating, Bulimia and Anorexia 


and offer:


Individual, Family and Group Psychotherapy

Parent support and guidance

Compassionate, deeply focused treatment and care

Experience in tailoring treatment to your unique needs

Progressive understanding of obstacles to recovery and progress

Treatment integration of Cognitive Behavioral, 12 Step, DBT, psychodynamic and modern psychoanalysis


When indicated, I work collectively with your nutritionist, physician, psychiatrist, and other wellness consultants.


If you are suffering from an eating disorder or cutting disorder, have been in and out of treatment, or are just starting your journey, I can help you find relief and make real progress in recovery and life. 


If you are confused, frustrated, angry or alone, I can help.


If you are skeptical, unsure, isolated or afraid, I can help.


If finding your way in recovery seems overwhelming, uncertain or stalled, I can guide you toward new ideas, hope and healing.


Every problem, feeling, thought and circumstance can be talked about, understood and worked through here.







Eating Disorders

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