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Melissa Groman is a psychotherapist in private practice since 1995.  

Her specialties include relationships, healing emotional pain, and eating disorders.


She is the author of Better is Not So Far Away: Decide to Recover from Bingeing, Starving or Cutting, 2015, McGraw Hill Education.


Melissa is the founder of and she blogs at


Her office is in Nutley, New Jersey.  She is also available for phone consultation.


  Working with Melissa can help you:

  • Feel better

  • Get relief from self doubt, frustration & worry

  • Heal emotional pain and disappointment

  • Renew or heal your sex life

  • Heal emotional loneliness

  • Revitalize your relationships

  • Resolve conflicts and move forward

  • Understand what has shaped you and how

  • Relieve behaviors that once protected you but no longer serve you well

  • Make positive healthy choices

  • Enhance the quality of your life

  • Set and reach life, career and financial goals

  • Discover meaning and increase pleasure

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and others

  • Strengthen spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness

  • Say new things and open up new ideas



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